Sanjeev Nanda - Managing Director

The company is promoted and established by Sanjeev Nanda, a successful entrepreneur, who is also the Managing Director of the company.

As the Chief Executive of the company, he directs and controls the overall business operations, implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate growth by planning cost-effective operations and market development activities, as well as providing strategic guidance to ensure that the company achieves its financial short term and long term goals.

A versatile leader having a proven credential of successfully running large organizations across hotels and hospitality, IT, heavy engineering, and Food and Beverage sectors; negotiating alliances and business deals with globally acclaimed brands, as well as leading and executing large investments. He is a Wharton and INSEAD alumni.

Sonali Punj - Development Director

Sonali Punj has extensive experience in both Development and Marketing field across multiple industries.

She joined Downtown Investment in 2014 to spearhead the strategic business positioning, creation of opening strategies, as well as project management of the then newly launched Taj Hotel. Currently, Sonali is primarily responsible for growing the F&B footprint of our portfolio.

She is responsible for conceptualizing new restaurant concepts, developing, and managing them. She also sources and identifies new partners and consultants to work with on our concepts and eventually manage them.

Brandon Joseph - Sr. Vice President

Brandon is responsible for overseeing the strategic growth of the Group and assist in managing its existing portfolio of assets, investments & companies within the Group.

His role growing revenue either through organic or inorganic growth strategies, boost profitability and control costs. His key areas of focus are the Hospitality business, F&B, Technology, Real Estate, Healthcare and Engineering.

Brandon carries over 17 years’ leadership experience with a strong background in PE, VC, Research & Analytics and Investment Banking, having worked with prestigious financial institutions such as Moody's Analytics, JPMorgan and ABN Amro. He is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, India and Madras Christian College.

Marianne Shumaker - Corporate Manager

With over a decade of proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams, Marianne assists the Managing Director, managing the day to day operations of the executive office.

She is also responsible for the implementation of corporate strategies, tracking business results, and monitoring the management team's KPI's. Her role also includes providing high-level business support, corresponding investment theses, and asset allocation. Additionally, she represents the Management in negotiations and public events.

Mohammed Al Ali - General Manager

Mohamed's vast experiences over the years contributed to his success as a management professional and a successful entrepreneur.

He started with Downtown Investment in 2014, providing multitude of functions including facilitating communications between the organization and several government agencies, analyzing the market and competitor behavior, performing risk analysis to mitigate and manage risks, and executing business strategies to improve efficiency in the operational management of businesses guaranteeing competence and productivity.


Anuj Sharma - Group Chief Finance Officer

Anuj plays an active role in the company by being involved in the early stages of investment, building on established relationships as well as participating in due diligence processes for investment and fund management.

His leadership ensures further development of financial systems & processes and defining areas for the Group's future growth. He takes financial data and use it to influence operational decision-making and strategy,

As a Chartered Accountant, his core competencies include finance management, quality accounting and internal auditing, working capital management, treasury functions, corporate governance, and MIS reporting.

Gemmina Fernandez - HR & Administration Manager

Gem performs a multi-functional role for the company which comprises of HR and payroll management, procurement and contract management, as well as oversight of commercial processes.

Her responsibilities also include the financial management of projects, negotiating contracts, and assisting the CFO in planning strategies to identify cost-effective deals and suppliers.

As the Group's Company Secretary, she implements procedural and administrative systems ensuring effective corporate governance and statutory compliance.

Jeannah Calago - Accountant / Analyst

A qualified Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in the field of auditing and accounting.

Her industry experience includes manufacturing, contracting, financial services, construction, trade shows and real estate, with expertise in auditing, corporate finance, compliance, business process reviews, risk management and management consultancy services.

She works with the Group’s CFO in managing the overall financial matters of the Group of Companies.

Muhamed Yuseph - Administrative & Liaison Officer

Yuseph plays a vital role in streamlining operations, resolving issues, and improving communications and coordination between our business and other entities, government agencies, and organizations.

He builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships to facilitate coordination efforts and conflict management. Moreover, he provides the team with comprehensive administrative support, assisting the managers and employees through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication.